The brain is the link between body and soul

The cosmic light is the beginning of existence

The cosmic light is the matrix of every living being in this cosmos and it is light blue

Cosmic time is the origin of cosmic light



I was born on the 3rd of January 1977 (1:30am) in Wuppertal (Germany) as "Jens, Herbert, Kilian, Erich, Helmut Uebelt" in the City of the first suspension railway, and get adopted at the age of 7.

 I started to make music at the age of 7 with a C64. Age 13 I got myself an Amiga and started to make electronic music.

After graduating I decided to dedicate myself more professionally to music so I got myself 2 synths and a PC.

Ever since I has been trying hard to get my music released on a label but until the year 2007 I had no success with that whatsoever.

So I finally dared to send my music to Bonzai Music even though I did not really believe in a positive outcome from it. I had been a fan of Bonzai Music and before that from the orgininal Bonzai Records label.

The surprise was big as I got a positive answer and shortly after that my first release came out:

"Prayer 4 Freedom".

In the years 2013 and 2014 I released songs at and for the german TV-Show "Spacenight". 


 Now I am producing my music with a MacBookPro, LogicPro X

and Synthesizers









Further  development in the music business :


30.10.2007 --- Release "Prayer 4 Freedom" @ Bonzai/Banshee


11.11.2008 --- Release "Thinking Ghost Of Evidence" @ Bonzai/Banshee


09.12.2008 --- Release "Spaceharmony" @ Bonzai/Banshee


14.04.2009 ---Release "Healing Sound Of Godless Harmony"  @ Bonzai/Banshee


22.09.2009 --- Release "Mood In Space" @ Bonzai/Banshee


01.12.2009 --- Release "Time Travel" @ Bonzai/Banshee


21.09.2010 --- Release "The Answers" @ Bonzai/Banshee


23.03.2011 --- Release "Spacewalk"


09.11.2012 --- Release "Arbitrium Anima" @ world2media/TTE Traxx


26.03.2013 --- Release @ "Spacenight"    *E.R.M – INRI (earthview 9)*


26.03.2013 --- Release @ "Spacenight"    *E.R.M – Le Soleil Brille (earthview 6)*


05.05.2013 --- Release "Colors Of The Rainbow" @ world2media/TTE Traxx


06.12.2013 --- Release "Kling Glöckchen kling (4K Ultra HD Dub)"


0?.0?.2014 --- Release @ "Spacenight"   *E.R.M - The Thrill*


09.12.2014 --- Release "Peace 4 Every 1" @ world2media/TTE Traxx


18.12.2015 --- Release "FLUEGELSCHLAG" @ world2media/TTE Traxx


20.09.2016 --- Release "39" @ world2media/TTE Traxx


19.02.2017 --- Release "Charity4life vol.4" 100% CHARITY FOR KIDS


01.07.2019 --- 0:00 --- Release "A New Dimension Of Mind" @ ATranceRecords


25.07.2019 --- Release "Nale feat. Angel Falls - Castles in the sky (E.R.M Remix) TTE Traxx


17.04.2020 --- Release "The Next Level" @ world2media/TTE Traxx